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          " Natural Body Cleanse Detox"

     Natural body cleansing, or detoxification, is a way to remove harmful chemicals, toxins, and debris from all parts of the body. Without these toxic substances imparing health, a person can feel better, have more energy and fewer illnesses. 
     The human body is self cleaning and self healing, but with too much disease - causing germs and wastes in the cells and tissues, the body is not capable of performing health saving functions in a meaningful way. The best way to help the body function in higher levels is to internally cleanse the body using natural methods.
     Detoxing the body is simply the way to remove the accumulated waste that is in the body. The toxins enter the body from polluted air, contaminated water, chemical laden foods,
and substances we come into contact with every day. The removal of this debris is a very important part of detoxification and optimum health. 
     Methods of detoxing are: drink plenty of pure water, better diet, losing weight and exercise, fasting, herbs, detox patches and Hydro Detox Spa's.

                     "DETOX SPA"
            "Bio Energizer Detox Spa"   
           30 Minute session: $68.00

                 "DETOX PATCHES"
         6 patches (3 nights)  $20.00



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