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            "Why Choose Products From
             Advanced Holistic Health Center" 

      Vitamins & minerals are essential in obtaining optimum     health.
      We carry only the highest of quality supplements, purchasing directly from laboratories to maintain consistency and competitive prices.   
      Many of our products can  be purchased in our office or an order can be placed by  e-mail. Contact the office at 610-568-8788 with any questions you may have. Products can be shipped or picked up at  office at arranged time.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle
may take persistence, discipline
and dedication. It is our goal
 to enable you to accomplish
optimum health by providing the
highest quality of products, therapies,
education & services.

​Click on any of the links below to order directly 
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of products. Your order will be shipped directly to 
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Phone: 610-568-8788
Emerson Ecologics Wellevate

       Click on the link below and create your account to place your orders or call
1-855-935-5382. Enjoy a 10% discount as a client of Pat Gesit N.D. when you 
create your account by calling Emerson Ecologics Elevate. Free shipping on all
orders over $49.00 and a flat rate of $4.95 for orders that are under that amount.
           Patient One - MediNutritionals
            Click on the link below & create an account. Insert office phone number                                                   (610-568-8788)  to create an account.
      Many brands offered such as: Protocol for Life, Natural Vitality, 
                                                         Integrative Therapeutics, etc.
    Pure Encapsulations
      Click on the link below, go to My Account & create a new account. Log in to place your order and pay with any major credit card. Select desired shipping and products will be shipped to address specified.