Pat has dedicated her life over the past thirty years  to study and research in the field of natural health and healing. 
     She was founder of a local health food store in the mid 1970's. Pat has held many conferences, seminars and cooking classes over the years, as well as writing her own cookbook, "Pleasures From The Good Earth". 
     Her present office, "Advanced Holistic Health Center", was opened in 1995 with continuous growth. Pat's vision is to educate and guide individuals to walk in health; body, soul & spirit.

     Pat Geist holds degrees and certifications in the following areas of study: 

* Doctor of Naturopathy (Natural Health Practitioner)
* Licensed  Massage Therapist
* Certified Foot Reflexologist
* Studies of Aromatherapy
* Studies of Vitamin - Mineral Therapies

     Disclaimer: Our bodies were created to heal itself.
The human body is incredibly intelligent and usually responds to intelligent therapies when given the opportunity. A good Natural Health Practioner may help this process along by offering intelligent choices.
These programs are not used to prescribe, nor diagnose, but to offer health alternatives.

     Pat has also worked side by side with her husband 
over the past thirty years in Christian ministry. She was 
also founder and creator of Once Again Thrift Store in Kutztown, Pa. with the sole purpose of meeting the 
needs of especially children and various areas in our
Phone: 610-568-8788